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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  July 7, 2014 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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america" is coming up. good morning, america, and breaking overnight. severe weather pummelling the midwest. >> it's coming this way! >> more than a dozen reported tornadoes sending debris flying, damaging homes. powerful winds causing this roof at this strip mall to collapse. and hail making it look like summer snow. more than 45 million people in the path of severe storms right now. new this morning, security crackdown on travelers flying to the u.s. right now, what's really behind the rules and what it means for you before you board your next flight. close call. this f-16 roaring right over the heads of spectators. people hitting the ground in fear. why did the pilot buzz the crowd? was it a low landing or a top
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gun move? and watch out. lion attack in the living room. how did this big cat even get inside the house. two men going paw-to-paw to fight her off. why no one thought she was even dangerous. and good morning, america. welcome back. we have a whole lot to get to this morning. it's a big morning in the oscar pistorius trial. let's look at some of the photos right here. a chilling video surfaced, prepared by his defense team, showing him reenacting the night he shot and killed reeva steenkamp. causing controversy in court this morning. >> a lot of reaction to that video being released. and the latest on wimbledon. what a finish. oh, novak djokovic, roger federer, going head-to-head,
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lara, i know that you were there at wimbledon for the first time, and now you're back. >> the assignment of a lifetime. and a very rare moment. right after djokovic won, caught on camera, an exchange between him and the duke and duchess of cambridge. who knew? they both play tennis as well. >> lot to get to. let's get to the severe weather. tornadoes across the midwest this holiday weekend. ginger tracking it. >> and my hometown of grand rapids, michigan, injuries. but the stunning video coming right out of iowa from last night's 13 reported tornadoes. remarkable. watch. this stunning up-close video from one of 13 reported tornadoes sunday. >> oh, my god. >> this one, tearing across iowa farmland for almost a half hour according to this storm chaser. watch as it crosses the road, debris flying. >> whole tree up there.
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>> shawn murphy, capturing the tornado, begging it to go away. >> get up in the sky, go! >> the photogenic twister caught from all angles. >> hold the door open! >> so i went out and looked out the garage door, it was coming down right at me. >> two homes damaged, thankfully no injuries. and in west michigan, severe storms ripping through a strip mall. this roof collapsing, trees everywhere, garages blown down. and listen to this hail in north dakota, peppering the side of this building, making the street almost look snow-covered. and today, that same cold front, on the move, it's going to bring violent storms for a huge area. watch this, anywhere from kansas city, even back in western parts of nebraska and kansas, all the way through louisville, up to burlington, and still includes minneapolis. that would be damaging wind, isolated tornadoes, and hail. we'll watch the cold front march across, it's going to come east. severe weather season not taking a break. >> we'll watch it.
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we're going to turn now to the terrorist threats and tighter security at airports. the tsa targeting us-bound flights from overseas, taking a closer look at electronic devices so they can't be used as bombs. good morning, david. >> reporter: this is part of the new concern about the attack on the homeland from jihadists fighting in syria and elsewhere. american officials are asking, the new level of security, anybody flying into the u.s. may be asked to turn on a device. if it doesn't power up, it doesn't fly. this morning, a new request to those traveling to the u.s. -- make sure electronic devices carried on board can power up. the fighting in syria and iraq has alarmed american officials. both countries have become a training ground for jihadists, some from america and the west with a passport, which could allow easy access to flights. tsa is asking some of the 250 international airports with direct flights to the u.s.,
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to ask some passengers to power up tablets, cell phones, computers. if that device doesn't power up, it won't go on the plane. why? the worry is bombmakers could be hiding explosives in those devices. >> it takes very little explosives to penetrate the hull of an aircraft and cause catastrophic damage. >> reporter: just last week, u.s. officials sounded the alarm that bombmakers from yemen may have traveled to syria to link up with fighters there. and they attempted to turn printer cartridges into bombs. some overseas travelers say they can handle the inconvenience. >> i'm not going to stop flying just because of things like this, no. terrorists win if you stop flying. >> reporter: this is a big concern for u.s. officials. terrorists want to get their bombs into the u.s. and these westerners with passport, jihadists, could be their best
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bet. robin. now to the middle east, israel launching an air strike on hamas militants overnight. this comes after an american teen was savagely beaten by israeli police, caught on tape. we have alex marquardt, and it has graphic images, we must warn you. >> reporter: we spoke with the american teen here in his family's neighborhood in jerusalem. he's feeling better, but stunned and angry over the assault and arrest for being in clashes he says he had no role in. this is the video that has been seen around the world. one israeli policeman pinning the young teen down while the other reportedly stomps on his head. they drag him away, motionless, but not before delivering one more brutal kick to his head. 15-year-old tariq abu hadeer was held without charges. this morning, his face is still swollen.
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he has black eyes, stitches on his lip and deep marks from the handcuffs. >> i remember watching the protest until i saw two soldiers come and attack me from the side of me, and i woke up in the hospital. >> reporter: you were knocked out right away? >> i was knocked out right away. >> reporter: the authorities say tariq was in the violent clashes that followed the murder of his 16-year-old cousin who was burned alive. we have been told by the police and by a top israeli official that you were in the protests, attacking police, you had molotov cocktails. >> no, i did not throw any molotovs or throw in the rocks or take any part in the protest. >> reporter: tension is also rising elsewhere. overnight, israel targeted nine palestinian militants and rocket launchers in the gaza strip in response to the rockets fire into israel. several top israeli officials are demanding a much harsher response against hamas in gaza.
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hamas saying they will pay a tremendous price, all of this raising fears that this region could once again be on a path to war. the rest of the morning's top stories. good morning, dan harris. >> good morning. we start here with breaking news a powerful earthquake in mexico. striking a coastal area on the guatemala border but felt by millions as far away be mexico city. at least two people were killed. widespread damage in many cities across the region. in one city, panicked people poured into the streets. history at the vatican. pope francis is sitting down with six victims of child sex abuse. the scandal that rocked the catholic church. the meeting follows the pope's promise of zero tolerance for abuse. a rescue gone wrong in southern california. a lifeguard drowned while attempting to save someone. ben carlson got slammed by a
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huge wave and went under. his fellow lifeguards searched frantically for hours before finding his body. he had been a lifeguard for 15 years. nine people killed, 60 injured in a spasm of gun violence in chicago. however, despite the terrible weekend, police point out that the murder rate is the lowest since 1963. the countdown is on in washington state, legal marijuana starts tomorrow. it's the second state after colorado. and check this out, spectators at an air show got a very close look at the underbelly of an f-16. i mean, very close. when the pilot came low for a landing. many of the spectators hit the deck. no explanation for why the pilot buzzed the crowd, perhaps he was trying to add excitement. and there was excitement at daytona. a nascar race turning into a demolition derby. two chain reaction crashes involving most of the drivers.
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the race also ended early because of rain. and finally here, from triumph to awkwardness, to resilience, all in a nanosecond. vincenzo nibali takes the podium to collect his yellow jersey. at the tour de france. receives the traditional kisses, and the other woman, she turns away. he quickly pretends to adjust the collar. the reason that she turned away to get a stuffed lion, and he kisses instead. and on behalf of awkward men everywhere. we salute you. >> it happens. >> yes. >> and he has as well. kissing the lion. >> supposedly she's turning for the lion. >> right. >> good story. >> he's sticking to it. >> okay, thanks, dan. >> in basketball, we call that a pump fake. we're going to turn now to the fallout by a death by hazing. dozens of fraternity brothers are expected to be charged following a frat party in the poconos.
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abc's linsey davis is tracking the case. >> and those charges include homicide. they have been expected since may, but authorities were waiting far medical report and a digital animation of how this 19-year-old freshman died during a fraternity hazing ritual. this morning, some 30 college students could face charges from hazing to possible homicide as the result of the death of this young fraternity pledge, john michael deng. the family say the police assure them that those charges are imminent. >> they have ruled it's a homicide, and the only thing left is for charges to be filed. >> they say members pushed the freshman where he was blindfolded and wearing a backpack with 20 pounds of sand. he later died after suffering blunt force head trauma. >> it was physical contact, it was aggressive. >> reporter: the incident happened in december during a
7:12 am
retreat in the poconos held by the asian-american fraternity. the students did not call 911, but instead waited two hours before driving him to a hospital 45 minutes away. deng died there the following day. >> there shouldn't have been any delay, and there was, and then a coverup. >> reporter: several frat members tried to hide their cell phones from police officers, to keep them from seeing videos and conversations about the hazing rituals. the fraternity now has a lifetime ban. >> if the coroner finds that the delay in seeking treatment resulted in the death of this kid, then that's going to be particularly problematic for all of those who were present. >> reporter: the deng family attorney says it is very likely there will be a civil suit as well. the disciplinary process is still under way. the district attorney's office is reportedly not commenting. >> thanks, and dan, it's got to be a challenge for prosecutors
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to make a collective prosecution like this stick. >> yeah, we were expecting an announcement in may about charges. they have been trying to figure out what each and every individual there did. they have videos, they may be creating an animation to assess exactly what happened and re-create it. they're taking their time. but there may be very different charges. one person might get a misdemeanor hazing charge, someone else with manslaughter. this is complicated, taking their time. but anyone there will likely get charged with something. >> and potentially a complicated offense, because these different students could start turning against each other. >> absolutely. and that's why the video becomes so important. right? because if there was no video, people could say, wait a second, i didn't do it, he did it. except in this case, there was a lot of cell phone video, which some of them allegedly tried to
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hide when authorities began the investigation. as a result, it's going to be hard for someone on video to say i didn't do that. the question is going to be for those not on the video, maybe not there, involved in the coverup? this is a complicated investigation, and i think prosecutors have been very smart to take their time. but now we expect some charges to be announced. >> okay, dan abrams, thanks very much. george, move on to medical news and an important health alert. a viral disease spread by mosquitoes and it's now starting to show up in the u.s. more cases in boston over the weekend. there are now 130 cases reported so far this year, and abc's chief health and medical editor, dr. richard besser is here with chikungunya. >> yes, it's a nasty viral infection, which started in africa, went to asia, southern europe, and last winter it arrived in the caribbean. american travelers to the caribbean.
7:15 am
the symptoms, fever, muscle ache, headache, a variety of rashes. and severe joint pain is the worst symptom. it means walking bent over, it's from the joint pain. >> what's the concern here in the u.s.? >> the concern is, if this virus sets up shop in american mosquitoes, and we have mosquitoes that can spread this, then we can see a problem like with west nile virus. >> and there's no treatment? >> no treatment or vaccine. use repellants with deet, covering up during the times they're biting. and at home for west nile and other mosquitoes, make sure you have no standing water. >> this is the time of the year. >> this is it. fight the bite. >> thanks. >> fight the bite, i like that. lara, you still have that glow about you. >> you understand it, robin, there's nothing like the tradition of wimbledon. and what a tournament it was. an epic final showdown between two of the game's best players. the match, simply incredible, and so was the rare exchange caught on camera afterwards.
7:16 am
winner djokovic chatting with will and kate who were there to watch it all. it was a match for the ages between two tennis greats, but in the end, novak djokovic came out on top, besting seven-time wimbledon winner roger federer. >> absolutely one of the greatest matches you have ever seen. >> reporter: the wimbledon final. sunday's hottest ticket in town, drawing the likes of william and kate, and some hollywood royalty as well. hugh jackman, samuel l. jackson, and david and victoria beckham. all on the edge of their seats. a five-set nail biter, full of thrills and even a couple spills. but in the end, the 27-year-old djokovic held his nerve to win his second wimbledon title. >> you talk about someone who deserves it. >> reporter: celebrating by eating a blade of the fabled wimbledon grass. >> taste of the grass. >> reporter: emotions running deep, neither man holding back the tears after such a
7:17 am
hard-fought battle. >> i respect your career and everything you have done. and thank you for letting me win today. >> reporter: and after the match, a rare moment caught on camera. newly-crowned tennis royalty meeting real-life monarchs. >> i hope you enjoyed it. >> it was amazing. >> many congratulations. >> thank you. >> reporter: djokovic even asking the duchess about her game. >> i know you play tennis, right? >> i practiced a lot. we have been quite a lot. >> okay. >> reporter: with trophy in hand, the new king of wimbledon ready to rule his round. what a moment. and after the match, djokovic dedicated his win to his fiancee and unborn child. and always eloquent, federer made sure to tell the crowd before he walked out the grass court, see you next year. >> he had hinted at retirement a
7:18 am
little bit. >> yeah. >> they're competitive about everything, aren't they? >> will and kate? it's hilarious. >> keeps it lively. >> indeed. indeed. >> i knew you would have a great time. >> next year? >> do it together. it was hot over there across the pond and here too. >> yes, and getting hotter. show you a place like washington, d.c., this week, not just going to be hot, but sticky. put on the humidity, take it up to 98, and it's going to feel like it's over 100. that's what's going to go on here. new york city in the 90s, boston, 90 by tuesday. and look at raleigh, staying in the mid to low 90s. either way, it's a hot and sticky one up to the mid-atlantic and the northeast. now out to the west, denver, 98, today, 97. that high pressure scooting some warm air with that clockwise rotation back to seattle at 81 today. your local forecast in 30 seconds, but first the select cities brought to you by the university of phoenix.
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>> so inspired by will and kate.
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i think ben and i need to get more competitive, i guess. last time we played tennis, we both just quit halfway through. >> that's the form of competitiveness. who's lazier? >> we're going to move on now. coming up, the chilling video of oscar pistorius showing us the night he shot and killed his girlfriend. what it could mean for the case. and 15 people trapped on the river in the middle of the night. most of them hearing impaired, the 12-year-old who saved them. plus, the victim of a shark attack at a popular beach is speaking out this morning. what went through his mind. beach speaking out this morning. what went through his mind. product that does two things.lae beroccaaaaaaaaaaaaa! fla-pow... mental sharpness support... fla-pow... physical energy support... ...together and only brock spedwell can explain it. beroccaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
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7:25 am
he is suffering from life-threatening injuries. northbound may open in a few minutes. the southbound lane released in another couple of hours. >> indeed. i'll have a map of that for you in just a minute. you make your drive northbound along 505 and 80. one lane is blocked there. as we take you back into fremont, the best way around the fremont boulevard and thornton avenue will reconnect you. that will be your detour for the rest of the morning. whe
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good morning. check out our temperatures. 60 in san jose. livermore, 64 in antioch. cooler in san rafael. 49. could of games in oakland were it comes back to at&t park. increasing clouds. decreasing temperatures. 59 by the time the game ends. 7:05 first pitch. all the heat today, we will drop into the 50s tonight. temperatures will keep cooling back to seasonal levels by thursday.
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heat shields are compromised. we what's that alarm?ures. fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave. good luck with everything. watch tv virtually anywhere with the u-verse tv app.
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with at&t, the u-verse revolves around you. ♪ we're showing you behind the scenes footage of the sixth annual body issue by espn. featuring amy purdy, and some of the other world's best known athletes. we know amy from "dancing with the stars" and so much more. she's going to be here. >> looking good. >> has an exclusive preview of that much-anticipated body issue. that's what the kids are calling it today, george. >> all right. coming up. we have a dramatic coast guard rescue coming up. 15 people stranded on a michigan river in the middle of the night. many deaf, and other
7:31 am
disabilitied. how a 12-year-old girl saved them. and the couple snapped with a tornado in the background. it's the story behind this amazing picture that's gone viral, and ginger, right up your alley. >> seems like something ginger would do. >> i thought about it. ben said no. >> don't do that. >> not as much. >> not as much. and we're going to be kicking off our beauty in a flash poll where you get to make the decisions in a live makeover. okay, we have a team of celebrity stylists here in times square to pull it off. so many fashion and beauty tips for everyone this morning. you at home get to decide. >> it's non-stop. stay tuned the rest of the show. >> hair purple? have choices like that? >> we'll find out. first, though, the oscar pistorius murder trial. a private video showing him reenacting the night she died,
7:32 am
it's out now, and complicating a difficult case for him. lama hasan has the latest. >> reporter: it's chilling. showing oscar pistorius without his prosthetic legs acting out his movements the night he killed reeva steenkamp. it was meant as trial preparation for the defense. will the prosecution pounce on it? this morning, pistorius' team is condemning the airing of footage of the para limb yan re-creating the night he shot dead his girlfriend as a staggering break of trust. the attorney says the channel paid for it, shows the olympian running awkwardly, outstretching his right arm as if clutching a gun. and slumped over in the bathroom, demonstrating the position her body was found. and struggling on the ground to
7:33 am
carry a motionless woman. they hired a u.s.-based company to shoot the film for trial preparation only. it was never supposed to air during the trial. in a case that's weighed so heavily on his movement -- >> he can walk out the door of the bathroom. he can walk like he can walk? >> with his limitations yes, sir. >> reporter: and using a sports medicine doctor to say he is vulnerable. >> left without the benefit of his prosthesis does not allow him sufficient mobility or balance to protect himself and take flight. >> reporter: the question this morning is whether the prosecution will use this video against him. new details from the psychology report describe oscar pistorius as a broken and lonely man. in the report, a clinical
7:34 am
psychologist said he indicated that it would be easier if he were dead. the reason he hasn't taken his life, his family has been put through enough. it would be a lengthy process if the prosecution decides to use it. they would have to reopen the case if they want to present any more evidence in court. it's highly unlikely they will. >> and talk about it request dan abrams. and she hinted at this, maybe not worth it to get it in. >> probably not. but it's an amazing video. this is oscar pistorius re-creating exactly what he says happened. so there's no question it's a compelling video, and i don't think there's almost any question it wouldn't come in. first of all, this was a video produced by the defense team. >> but why did they produce it? >> well, look, it seems to me they were going to try to create an make or something of that sort as part of the defense, and
7:35 am
asked him to re-create it. maybe they wanted to know his side of the story. for whatever reason that they created it, it is apaling that it was leaked. what ever one of oscar pistorius -- >> someone on his team probably. >> even if you think he's totally guilty, the fact that some vender out there, it seems -- again, it seems -- leaked this video, is appalling. it's part of the defense preparation. i don't think prosecutors would have even asked to introduce it even if they weren't at the end of their case, knowing this is effectively part of the work product of the defense. but it would be valuable. if you're the prosecutor in this case, and you can use a video like this, you can go point by point and compare small discrepancies between what pistorius said and what's on this video. you can also show him more mobile without his prosthetic legs than he's claimed at trial. it would be valuable, but i don't think prosecutors are going to ask for it.
7:36 am
>> really doesn't back up the story the defense told. >> a little bit different. it's the same basic story, but the devil's in the details. >> george is right, why make the tape in the first place? >> there are a lot of things that defense teams do that are surprising that people never find out about. mock cross examinations, et cetera. >> this is an example. thank you. now to the young girl the coast guard is hailing as a hero this morning. they say the 12-year-old played a key role in helping them rescue people trapped on board a boat grounded in a river. we have the story. >> reporter: these photos show the dramatic moments a boat with 15 people was rescued in the dead of the night. 13 of the passengers deaf. >> are you warmer now? >> yeah. >> reporter: 12-year-old amanda was boating with her family and friends when she says it got dark and they got lost, eventually running out of gas.
7:37 am
amanda, who was used to speaking for her deaf parents, called police. >> i didn't think they would find us because we didn't know where we were. a lot of people were panicking and they were yelling because they were cold. >> reporter: to make matters worse, many of the passengers suffered from medical conditions and didn't have their medications. >> everybody was panicking, running up the boat, tipping it even more. >> reporter: the pontoon had only two life jackets on board. with amanda's help over the phone, crews were able to find the stranded boat, but so tangled in tree roots even a tow boat couldn't get close. the coast guard stepped in, ask three hours after amanda's call, used an inflatable ice skiff to rescue the passengers three at a time. incredibly, nobody was hurt. this coast guard crew did the rescuing, but they say the real hero was 12-year-old amanda galindo, who's phone call saved her family and friends.
7:38 am
>> i know that term gets thrown around a lot, but she's the epitome of a hero in my eyes. >> reporter: abc news, new york. >> many echo those sentiments. time for another check of the weather. don't like that. >> flash flooding, monsoon raining, and before that, fire. i'm full of it this morning. start with the fire, south and west of sacramento. more than 6500 -- or almost 6500 acres. now 30% contained. you're going to have erratic winds with a stationary front close to you, and the offshore and onshore combine. but you get the monsoon moisture trapped a bit. tucson, that's 3 to 4 inches. move along the cold front, and you have columbia, missouri, on alert for floods, and kansas city, in the higher end of the 2 to 3 inches. could see 3 in a lot of these
7:39 am
good morning. there. near 100 inland. much cooler by thursday. seasonal through the weekend. i'll leave you a look, too, at a couple more 90s. it's july, and all that weather brought to but by progressive. i love the heat. >> i'm with you. >> absolutely. coming up, the victim in a terrifying shark attack off a popular california beach speaks out. what it was like in the jaws of a great white. and monica lew win see speaking out in the new interview about the humiliation she felt, and the drastic action she almost took. yes. but you're progressive and they're them. -yes. -but they're here. -yes. -are you... -there? -yes. -no. -are you them? i'm me. but the lowest rate is from them.
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. and we're back now at 7:43 with this terrifying shark attack at a popular southern california beach. the survivor of the vicious attack is speaking out this morning. and he's getting very emotional about his brush with death and the jaws of the great white. abc nick watt has his story. >> get out of the water! shark! >> reporter: this is the moment when steve robles morning swim turn into the a nightmare. shark attack on a busy beach, july fourth weekend. you saw it coming at you. >> made a real fast sharp left
7:44 am
turn, and it lunged right at me chest. >> reporter: look closely, hard to see, that's the shark's head moving up and down, twice. >> you could just hear everything crunch. >> reporter: listen and you'll hear his cries of agony coming from the water. people on land realizing what just happened. >> oh -- he got bit. >> reporter: those, and the horrifying wounds it left behind, the shark, a 7 or 8-foot juvenile was mad. hooked from the pier. when steve, a long distance swimmer got in the way. >> i felt the shark gnawing into the chest with the whole body vibrating. i grabbed the nose with this hand, and tried to pry it off of my chest. i was staring at the shark eyeball eyeball-to-eyeba eyeball-to-eyeball, literally right here. it was the most frightening thing anybody could experience. >> reporter: he punched the shark in the nose, it bit once
7:45 am
more and disappeared. what was going through your mind? >> i didn't want to die. just -- i was scared. i was panicked and -- >> casey fenwick was surfing just a few feet from the attack. >> blood everywhere. >> reporter: the great white population in american waters is up 42% since 1997. last week, a 12-footer was spotted off cape cod. and at this beach, juveniles spotted every day this summer by audacious paddle borders. but this is the first time one has attacked here ever. >> i have a second chance, that's all i can say. >> reporter: for "good morning america," nick watt, manhattan beach, california. >> thank goodness. steve must have a mean left hook. he said today is the first day of the rest of his life, a new beginning. so blessed to be okay. all right, coming up, brand new details from behind the scenes of jessica simpson's
7:46 am
star-studded weekend wedding. she finally did it. and the best work out for you right now, how to maximize fitness based on age. and the story behind this incredible wedding photo so many people are sharing. and yes, a real twist to it. >> you did it, george. , yes, a . >> you did it, george. ita real . >> you did it, george. a real t. >> you did it, george. haa real it. >> you did it, george. sa real t it. >> you did it, george. a real to it. >> you did it, george. guess the mcmuffin doesn'tthe think hashbrowns matter. it's ok, hashbrowns... ...we still love you. the new am crunchwrap from taco bell. eggs, bacon, cheese, plus a very meaningful hash brown inside.
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i got to tell you, amy purdy walks in, and we stop and stare.
7:50 am
we love her. she's going to be talking with us in a little bit. but the latest from the social square, and one couple's, well, yes, out of this world wedding pictures. who else, bennete gio benitez i. >> this is the ultimate photo bomb. a professional photographer snapping these, a canadian couple embracing there. and check that out, it is a tornado seen there tearing through the skies. and she posted them on facebook, and people can't stop sharing them. more than 13,000 shares so far, and over 17,000 likes and counting. and writing, she's pretty sure this will only happen once in her lifetime. no kidding, right. lots of people comparing the photos to the oregon couple who posed with a wildfire raging behind them just last month. making headlines around the world. after they said i do, the bride and groom in the latest photo, and their guests, headed to their backup location safely.
7:51 am
but you know what? i'm really hoping this does not inspire some, like, tornado selfies, guys. >> yeah. >> that far away -- >> that's far. they're 10 miles or so, probably. but, still, it doesn't matter. not where you want to be. >> have we ruled out photo shop? >> they have tornados in canada. >> in that area there was -- several of them touched down that day. i know it's your department, but -- >> you go. >> outside -- >> did you have any maps? >> it's very -- much more ahead.
7:52 am
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good morning. developing news. early morning sffire has damage the south bay's most famous restaurant. suffered heavy damage to the roof and kitchen areas. fire officials say a gas meter was involved. the restaurant has been closed since thursday. we have your forecast. another hot one for us, mike. >> definitely inland. mid to upper 90s. wouldn't be surprised if you hit 100. low to mid 70 forz most of the bay so you start heading to the south bay. same thing in the north bay. clouds at the coast, 60s. accuweather seven-day forecast,
7:57 am
cooling trends through thursday. westbound along i-80 we this accident blocking lanes central avenue where's it's located. as you can see coming away from highway hercules, you are going to be on the brakes there. if you're traveling into richmoric richmond san rafael bridge is slow
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m., and monica lewinsky is speaking out in the first tv interview in over a decade. >> i was the most humiliated woman in the world. >> lewinsky revealing now why she was so frightened, and the drastic action she almost took. and what's the best workout for your age? how to maximize your fitness no matter what your number. the top tips this morning. plus, jessica simpson finally says i do. all the new details from behind the scenes of her blockbuster weekend wedding. and they are the bodies we want, the first look at the breathtaking shots from espn's "body issue," of the world's most elite athletes. amy purdy live here with that.
8:01 am
and nicole richie is with us in times square, as we say -- >> good morning, america. >> good morning, america. and good morning to amy purdy out there in times square. we saw her in the paralympics. and on "dancing with the stars." and we're about to see a lot more of her now. >> she's featured in espn's body issue, celebrating top athletes. let's say they are celebrating the athletic form. >> well said. >> okay. but first, we're going to head over to lara there in the social square. hey, lara. >> and robin, i'm here, this is a brand-new series this morning, beauty in a flash poll. we have a lucky volunteer, and our celebrity makeover squad ready to start working. the choices are all up to you, hence the flash poll. here's our volunteer, mom of two, samantha, and we have a
8:02 am
picture of her before the transformation. and so many people have already cast their votes online. time now for our first round of results. first, the hair. we gave you three trendy options to choose. come on over here. bangs, bob, layer, and we decided to go with -- or you decided to go, bangs. on to the makeup, three choices as well. and you, our viewers, decided that samantha is getting the smokey look. that's a great, great choice. i have seen samantha, she is going to look gorgeous. the outfit is up next. we have three styles to pick from in the outfit. head to "good morning america" on yahoo! to vote. can't wait to see it. >> cannot wait for that either. am i right to guess where this is going? are we going to give the viewers a chance to decide how we're going to look? >> why even put it out there, george. i'm looking out you going -- >> in theater, when the gun is on the table in the first act, it gets used by the end. that's what you have just done.
8:03 am
>> our friend, "gma" weekend anchor dan harris is all weekend long. breaking news south of the border. and a major quake striking the mexico/guatemala border. just a short time ago, the 6.1 tremor hitting off the coast, but felt strongly across southern mexico. severe weather in the midwest, a dozen tornadoes in iowa, extensive damage. no reports of serious injury or death. and strong winds to michigan, ripping the roof off a strip mall there. we'll get the forecast from ginger zee in just a moment. new scrutiny for thousands of passengers flying into this country. at certain airports, cell phones, laptops and other devices must be now powered up before boarding. screeners want to make sure that the devices are in working order. the tsa are concerned that al-qaeda is making hard to detect bombs designed to bring down airliners. july fourth weekend going wrong in a big way, a fireworks store in tennessee exploding
8:04 am
after catching fire. you can hear the fireworks going off as the building burned. everyone got out okay. one person gored this morning on the first day of the famed running of the bulls in pamplona, spain. the victim is expected to survive. along with three others with minor injuries. i went once, by the way, and watched from the sidelines. a wild attack captured on camera. a pet lion pouncing on a house guest. yes, a pet lion. the lioness pinned the man to the floor, but he managed to crawl away. the family intervened. suffered deep cuts to his back. this happened while a crew was filming a documentary on a lioness. she has been living with the family in the czech republic since she was a cub. and finally, evidence that the selfie trend may be getting a little out of hand. at a soccer match in kansas city, dom dwyer scores, and runs behind the goal to pick up his phone, poses, and tweets this selfie to his 23,000 followers.
8:05 am
the refs, not impressed, dwyer got a yellow card. around the horn, does everybody think that's fair to do? >> it seemed harmless. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> pretty harmless. >> i am a little tired of selfies. i will say, though. >> oh. >> that's a different subject. >> yeah, that's what i was really getting at. >> the two don't go hand in hand. >> i'm proud to say i have never taken a selfie. >> you haven't? >> no. now someone's going to comb through my instagram account and check it. i think i never have taken a selfie. >> we're on it. >> dan abrams is not here. >> all right, there, dan harris. now monica lewinsky opening up in that new interview, revealing new details about the trauma that she says she endured, and her determination to take her life back. abc's claire shipman has her story. >> i was the most humiliated woman in the world. >> reporter: it was the sex scandal that rocked the white house and the world. and now 20 years later, monica lewinsky says the anguish is still fresh. she described her terror as the
8:06 am
fbi ambushed her at a shopping mall about her relationship with president clinton. >> i don't even know how to accurately describe the shock and the trauma and the fear. they threatened me with 27 years in jail or i had to cooperate. the third option really was, i looked out the window, i'll just jump. >> reporter: in her first television interview in ten years, the former white house intern, now 40, talked candidly on national geographic's miniseries, "the 90s: the last great decade." >> to be in the vortex of this media maelstrom was frightening and alarming and confusing. i think a lot had to do with the fact i was a woman. >> reporter: of course, president clinton was also grilled about the relationship. >> the pivotal point, i asked the president about gifts that he had given to monica lewinsky. my questions were specific, he knew at that point there had been a breach in their covenant
8:07 am
of secrecy. and at that point, his demeanor changed. he became troubled. his face became flushed, and his hands began to shake. >> you could see in his face, a light went off, and he knew there was a rat in the woodpile. someone had given them, funneled them information. >> reporter: lewinsky waited for a gesture from the president, but it never came. >> i had felt there should be an apology to my parents. i was a young girl when i started as an intern. he and i had both made mistakes, but he really was more the adult in this situation. >> reporter: for "good morning america," claire shipman, abc news, washington. and part two of "the 90s: the last great decade," airs tonight. we have weather and "pop news" coming up. but first, how about the morning menu? and coming up on the "gma morning menu," why ellen degeneres is flipping out over her house.
8:08 am
and brand-new details from behind the scenes of jessica simpson's star-studded weekend. you'll never guess the bridesmaid, or the flower girl i should say. and the best workout for you right now. amping up your fitness, depends on your age. all that and more coming up on "good morning america" here in times square.
8:09 am
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8:13 am
back on tour, saturday night, after being sidelined for two months with that viral infection we earlier reported. 72 years young, though, the living legend obviously thrilled to be back on the stage for a sold-out crowd in albany, new york. he didn't want to get off the stage with a classic mccartney performance. listen to the numbers, 38 songs, almost three hours his set was. he must have been loving being back up there, feeling great. his music, spanned more than 50 years of rock and roll. he did not disappoint. and these last few weeks have a long and winding road. as, you know, but mccartney never stopped believing -- >> actually george harrison, you know. >> thank you very much. >> i'm here to -- >> i did know that, i just -- >> you did? >> i just felt it was appropriate. thank you, dan harris. we'll talk to you after the show. >> i'm in trouble. i'm in trouble. >> he's here all week. >> good. >> did that on monday, she's got
8:14 am
four days to get you back. >> you're always a strategist, george. sometimes live in the moment and go for it. >> yes. >> i agree, dan. remember those words. >> i'm going to have a sip of water now. >> i love you, harris. this is the envy pod. talk about a quick flip, ellen degeneres reportedly just sold -- let me say, bought a house for $40 million, bought it just a few months ago, you sold it to napster co-founder sean parker for $55 million. never moved in. couple months. boom, boom. according to tmz, making a $15 million profit. parker so impressed with the mansion, it even got a name. he approached her late last month with an offer that she simply couldn't refuse. and well, who wouldn't be impressed. look at the pictures. it has six bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a gym, an olympic-size pool, views galore, and a tennis court to boot. and it is being reported that she is downsizing to a $16
8:15 am
million apartment overlooking -- >> really? >> but she's got an eye. she does. she's my decorating sister. and finally, have you dreamed of going to canyon ranch, pampering, losing weight. how about gus or steve, your cat? and how about otis and k.j.? >> what about them? >> at the morris animal inn in new jersey, k.j. and the friends can start with pawlates, followed by downward doga. doga? i guess? in the pool, they have a fitness became called barko-polo. this is legit. this is -- staffers get the animals moving, and then it's time to relax with a facial, i'm not making this up, designed to wipe away organic food crumbs and exercise-induced slobber. the morris inn charges $59 a day. it's $249 for five days, with all amenities included. i had to share that with you. you can't make it up. >> can i just say you did a
8:16 am
great job with "pop news"? >> it doesn't work that way. >> it's worth a try. >> that quickly, huh? >> george told me to do that. >> passing you notes. thanks, lara. move to the "heat index," and jessica simpson, a newlywed again. tied the knot with former nfl player eric johnson in santa barbara over the weekend. looking fantastic. abc's reena ninan has all the details of the big day. >> reporter: a singer, actress, designer and mom, jessica simpson now has a new title to add to her list -- wife. simpson said i do to nfl star eric johnson during a surprise ceremony at the san ysidro ranch santa barbara, california, saturday. telling people magazine we are overwhelmed with complete happiness and love. she walked down the aisle in a carolina herrera custom-made gown. seen in this sketch and inspired by this inspiration board.
8:17 am
>> caroline herrera wanted her to look regal. it was a champagne color with lots of gold embroidery. >> reporter: among the 250-plus guests, sister ashlee simpson and her fiance, even ross. and jessica alba and cash warren. and cacee cobb and donald faison. simpson and johnson's son, ace, was the ring bearer, and their daughter max was the flower girl. >> it was important to have the family involved. >> reporter: johnson proposed four years ago, but she said the growing family kept putting wedding plans on hold. and was secretive while speaking to our bianna golodryga in february. >> i have a date. >> already? >> super-excited -- i have -- >> tell us the time of year? any sort of hints? >> no. but it'll be soon enough. >> reporter: one of hollywood's best-kept secrets now out. for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news, new york.
8:18 am
>> so happy for jessica. she looks extremely happy and that's how it should be. we're going to resume the heat index in just a moment. but first, let's get another check of the weather with ginger. ginger? check this out, all folks from new hampshire, you danced all the way here? >> yeah. >> what's your name? >> lindsey -- >> and mason. >> and they are going to dance us into weather. we have big headlines, not here domestically. but check this out. a super typhoon in the pacific, now what would be equivalent to a category 5. staying that way until it reduces. once it hits japan, close to a 3. that's still 125 mile per hour winds there. wow. we will have our own violent storms. in orange, be on the lookout for se
8:19 am
>> no better place to spend your sweet 16. this is rose from philadelphia. we wish her a happy birthday. let's get back inside to all of you. >> get out to meet rose and the others in a bit. but up next, the right workout for your age. experts now say there are diet and exercise tips for every stage of life to maximize fitness in your 20s, 30s, 40s, and you'll love this, george, and beyond. >> a little beyond talk today. >> linsey davis has it. >> reporter: the comedy, "this is 40," poked fun at the cruel reality. >> slow down, i got to --
8:20 am
>> reporter: decade by decade as your body changes, so should your diet and exercise routine. >> what works in your 20s is not going to be what works in your 40s and vice versa. >> reporter: this "women's health" editor and fitness trainer says while in your 20s, start by setting the tone early. >> building bone health and building a lot of lean muscle mass. first exercise is sprinting in place. >> reporter: ladies, don't take this decade for granted. now is the time for high intensity and high impact activities and strength training. >> squats and overhead press. doing exercises like this that work everything like once is really helpful. >> reporter: for those 30-somethings out there, cut back on caffeine and salt. both can accelerate bone loss. and to rev up that slowing metabolism jen suggests eight to ten reps of the burpee shuffle. >> two slides over here, touch down, two slides over here, touch down. come back to center, hands down
8:21 am
on the ground, jump back and do a pushup, and stand. >> reporter: i'm feeling my age today. i just had a baby too. so jen recommends the 40s to eat more protein and watch portion control. >> in this perimenopausal age group, that's when we start to see declining testosterone levels. >> reporter: and as for the big 5-0 and beyond -- >> big changes, menopause, estrogen levels start to drop. >> reporter: she says incorporate yoga or pilates to sustain balance. but just keep moving, and know it's possible to be fit and fabulous at any age. for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> we were taking notes. >> we certainly were. >> swapping stories. up next in our "heat index," a sneak peek at the espn magazine sixth annual body issue. hits newsstand the this friday
8:22 am
with six different covers. there's venus williams, and michael phelps. 22 athletes in all for the spectacular photos. and amy purdy, finalist in "dancing with the stars," welcome. >> thank you. >> how did this come about? >> actually, after i did "gma" right after the finale, i got the phone call if i wanted to be in the body issue. and i -- i pretty much said yes right off the bat. because i have so much respect for the magazine and what it stands for. and, yeah, it was exciting. >> we just got a glimpse of the shot. and you look absolutely amazing -- what i wonder -- >> you haven't seen it. >> put it up again. >> this is your first chance to see it. >> wow. >> wow. >> how difficult was it holding that pose? >> that was really, really challenging. especially because they kind of oil you up a little bit to show some of your muscles and i was hanging on with one hand. all of my body weight hanging on. yeah, i held that for quite a while, for a couple minutes. >> that was really impressive. >> yeah, that was really challenging.
8:23 am
>> what is next for you? what else are you working on? >> i'm working on a book right now. i'm in new york for five weeks writing a book. i'm on a six-week deadline. i have a book coming out this year, and am working on a clothing line, and a lot of other kind of fun tv projects. >> that's great. >> it's exciting. >> people going back and seeing the picture, and knowing you're doing this, and some people, like, whoa, were you fearful of being completely naked? and you're saying all that you've been through -- >> right. >> this is going to scare you? no. >> i have been through scarier things than this. that's what i thought about. it's quite scary, dropping the robe the first time. everybody else is clothed, and you're very aware of that. but probably after ten minutes you don't even think about it. and then when they give out robe at the end, you're like -- yeah. i don't want that on. >> you're ready to go to a restaurant without your robe. >> you're just having conversations with people,
8:24 am
just forgetting you don't have clothes on. >> do you understand the purpose why espn the magazine does this kind of issue about the body and for us mere mortals to see the athleticism and just what it takes? >> yeah. that's why i wanted to be a part of it. it shows, i think, the strength and resilience of the human body. and for me, going through everything that i went through, when i left the hospital, i was 83 pounds. i had these new legs, i had scars. to think that i've gone from that, and my body is what's gotten me to where i am today, the strength of my body, that's something to celebrate. >> absolutely. >> love that. put that in the book. put that in the book. thank you, amy. >> thank you. >> good to see you. and speaking of beauty, we are ready to reveal the next round of our "beauty in a flash poll." we asked you guys to help us out. our makeover candidate, samantha, is waiting for the outfit style you our viewers have chosen. a maxi dress, pants, and a
8:25 am
tailored a-line dress. you guys went with the tailored a-line, always a great choice. so classic. now i want to ask samantha, how are you feeling about the choice of what the viewers have made for you so far? >> so far it's been everything that i would have picked. >> really? >> yeah. >> viewers, you never let us down. i want to talk to the team leader, greta, about this is -- we're really leaving it up to the viewers. and these are all items that are sort of on trend, but what do you think about the combination that has been chosen for samantha? >> i love what the viewers chose. it's amazing. you're not going to believe it. great, perfectly chosen. we were really thrilled. this is the first time we have all done this. >> no pressure. >> never done it. >> and not over yet. all right. viewers come through for us. nails now. three options for you. so go to "good morning america" on yahoo! please cast your vote, and samantha reaps the rewards. our makeover squad working hard and waiting for you to weigh in. that will happen soon. but first, everybody, we have
8:26 am
nicole richie coming up. superstar on social media with us live, so don't go anywhere. ♪
8:27 am
good morning. developing news out of freet month. major injury crash fouling up the commute. fire officials believe too speed is a factor. a man needed to be extracted suffering from life. threateni ining injuries. we have word of that. the southbound lanes will be closed for at least another two hours. take a ride over to the scene. this is how you get around it. fremont boulevard. brand new accident in the waldo tunnels northbound along 101 that's causing a slowdown. check out the traffic as you're
8:28 am
xwo coming into san francisco. it is socked in with heavy fog. use your low beams this morning and be careful. we'll have your forecast right after this. which will cause me to miss the end of the game. the x1 entertainment operating system lets your watch live tv anywhere. can i watch it in butterfly valley? sure. can i watch it in glimmering lake? yep. here, too. what about the dark castle? you call that defense?!
8:29 am
come on! [ female announcer ] watch live tv anywhere. the x1 entertainment operating system, only from xfinity. good morning. can you tell the sun is already out? 50s right now. heading to the game, to. bay bri increasing clouds and 59 by the
8:30 am
end of the game. accuweather. seven-day forecast. near 100 degrees temperatures inland east bay. five to ten degrees coole ♪ check out -- dream warriors, and what a hit they have. she's been with us, a great coring you for for lady gaga, katy perry, now breaking out on her own. >> can't wait for that, and her. nicole richie is here to tell us all about her family, fashion. and she's got a brand new series. her hair, all of that. talking to her coming up. but first over to lara back in the social square. and the wire for our beauty in a flash poll. viewers have been weighing in on everything. we have not shown you the results of any of this yet.
8:31 am
choosing a whole outfit for one lucky makeover candidate. samant samantha, you have pick herd hair and makeup. you can see them here. now we need to see results from the flash poll. you chose for her nails, the chevron stripe, very hip and new and now, can we get it all done before the end of the show? we'll see, because we have one more thing to go, the final accessory, and that is the purse. head to "good morning america" on yahoo, cast a vote for the finishing touch. we will put it together and show you the results, the celebrity makeover team in this half hour. looking forward to that, but light you with nicole richie, jumping back into the world of tv. most of us first got to know her of course on the simple life with paris hilton, and now her popular web series is coming to vh 1, where she'll bring her
8:32 am
no-holds-barred tweets. are you going to welcome nicole richie? [ cheers and applause ] you are a hoot on twitter. >> thank you. >> this is how this all came about. this is why you're getting back into television? >> yes. you know, the show is -- the show is based off of my twitter. how i use twitter, i use it to laugh. i use it to really make fun of myself and explore things that i don't know anything about. like online dating, something i missed because i was -- >> right. >> with my husband before. and gel mails, things in life we are going with but don't know a lot about. >> very light-hearted. >> very light. and i use twitter to make fun of myself, and that's how i use the show. and, you know, it's not -- it's not reality. it's not scripted, it's in between real life comedy.
8:33 am
and i love to explore, learn, and more importantly, love to have fun and found a place i can do all three. it's so much fun. >> we know that real life can be comedy. >> has to be, right? >> you said something online dating, we have a little bit that have episode. take a look. >> you have to at least paint the picture. you can show them your real self later. >> and then too deep -- >> we're not going to get a guy for you by you just showing who you are. lure them in a little bit. >> with someone else's personality? >> yes. exactly. >> exactly. and many people to want know, we went on the twitter account asking people, what are the perspective that you hope people come away with after watching your show? >> i hope people just have a good time and kind of take that kne feeling of wanting to escape and just have fun watching the show. but walking away with actual, like, you know, knowing actual
8:34 am
things. there is a takeaway from this show. we cover everything from online dating to women respecting women to raising chickens -- >> okay. >> which is something i have been doing. so you're always walking away with information, but having fun while doing it, and i'm kind of the butt of the joke and saying let's all do this together and have fun. >> you're -- you have been here, we have video of you behind the scenes here at "good morning america," take on different responsibilities. and that's something you're going to do on the program. >> something that i love to do. >> yeah. >> yes. >> have you had fun here with us? >> it's been -- it's very aggressive being here. a lot going on early in the morning in new york. >> there you are in action. >> yes. i'm still getting my "i'm the boss" behavior down. but -- >> but you got the pointing. >> i got that. >> you got that down.
8:35 am
>> i was snapping, i didn't know it was a bossy snap. >> just like that. >> it's okay. >> but you look the part as well. >> thank you. >> you are someone that people look to, and you are willing to take chances, hair, whatever, and you said even though you know you look back and go, hmm, but you like to be in the moment? >> that's the point of life. to just happy, to be in the moment. and you have to have a sense of humor about life. it's really the only way to live is to just constantly look at yourself and being be able to laugh and grow from these experiences and evolve. and that's the whole point, right? >> and you have grown. so you are a devoted mother to two adorable children. >> thank you. >> how has motherhood changed you? >> it is -- everyone -- you know. it's like, what else can you say? it's just -- it's just the best. it really -- it teaches you a lot about yourself, and -- and teaches you about patience ask coming from a place of love and
8:36 am
constant compassion. and really -- really giving you the opportunity to -- to be what you say that you are instead of just saying that -- that you are. you know? actually being a real example to your kids. and it's fun, you get to live your childhood all over again. and it's the best. [ cheers and applause ] >> and -- you grew up around a lot of love. your father. i had -- before he performed last night, he was great, he's going to be a part of the show too. >> he is. he loves the camera. we brought him on the show. yes, both of my parents have just showered me with love from day one. now both showering my grandkids. my mom is over the top. i know she's watching. but she knows, over the top grandma with gifts and love. >> they know that too. hey, it was wonderful to spend -- never enough time.
8:37 am
candidly nicole premiers thursday, july 18th on vh1. now another check of the weather with ginger. we are in the moment with the cutest faces i have seen in a long time. good morning, and a really beautiful shot? california this morning. that would be laguna beach. this time of year we can take a life shot, at least earlier, from the beaches of the west coast and enjoy. comfortable and cooler weather behind the cool front, look at good morning. there. near 100 inland. much cooler by thursday. seasonal through the weekend. and all that weather brought to you by choice hotels. you know, i have a friend here.
8:38 am
we have a little drop to talk about, some muscle out here with me this morning. american muscle. this is mike, a gym owner, former university of michigan strength trainer with and star of american muscle on discovery. you and your crew working out, and you have something for me today? >> sure, you're a world-class athlete, throw you in the mix with the rest of them. >> hardly. and i don't have the workout clothes. why don't you demonstrate one that we can do. maybe somebody can learn to do this at home. >> give an easier one first. figure this is a good one for you. >> toes on the ball, up into the pike. oh, wow. yeah. i'm not doing that. that was outstanding. thank you so much. so we'll see a lot of you guys. what can we expect out of the show? >> it's an intense situation. from the world's top athletes to
8:39 am
people with disabilities taking one step. people struggling to come back from serious illnesses and injuries, and the top athletes trying to attain the high level of performance. >> it's muscular, american muscle on wednesday on discovery, and robin -- [ cheers and applause ] >> i know. >> all right, michael. coming up, the big reveal from our beauty in a flash poll makeover. our viewer-inspired transformation. you'll see the
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
♪ all right, all comes down to this. the results are in for the beauty in a flash poll experiment this morning. you, virus, choosing every little piece of one great look for a lucky makeover candidate. one more look at samantha. this is her before. before the transformation, and let's get right to it, samantha, come on out. wow. [ cheers and applause ] so samantha has not -- are you
8:43 am
ready? take a look. >> oh, my gosh. so good. i love it. >> come over here. so beautiful. >> i love it. >> so -- what do you think? you look in that mirror, what's the first thing you see and feel if. >> it's overall amazing. so good. i love it. >> and you have sunglasses. they're our sponsor, vision works. very fabulous. and ready to run the world. i want to talk to you, greta, stylist and team leader. why do you think viewers went with the look? what's happening here? >> this is the tailored look, it's timeless, always looks good. you can pull it out the closet. the stars wear it all the time. she rocks it. it's amazing. >> great choice. >> i started the show with a blazer on, it's blazing hot in the studio. you can do the same thing, go from day to evening. i love a statement.
8:44 am
>> simple blazer, and the glasses, we did the wrap style because you guys, it was a great choice. >> and better way to cover up wrinkles. >> exactly. >> ted gibson, celebrity hair stylist. >> thank you. >> how this works in the summer and why? >> i think a side swept bang works on just about everybody. just cut side swept bangs on idina menzel. and whether your in the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, whatever. ? >> how to keep them out of your face in the summer? >> braids are super hot. pigtails are not sexy. okay? they're not. >> there's a purse that america chose to finish the look. what do you call that? >> platinum, this is a bucket bag in silver. it's a great work bag, smaller, and fits well.
8:45 am
classic, goes with the tailored look, and we are higher you all because you did a great job. >> the makeup was smokey. i talked to the makeup expert, malli, what's the best way to achieve the look? >> doesn't have to be crazy, a hundred colors. one great soft brown around the eyes, nice black eyeliner to give the pop. keep it bullet-proof all day. setting it with eye shadow. you got it. >> and the nails, i love theshell chevron stripe. can you do it without long fl l nails? >> yes, absolutely. it's classic. use blue painters tape to do the outline. >> all right, all there for you. great tips. thank you so much to our team, to greta, to samantha. samantha gets to keep all of this, everybody. go get them, girl. have a great day. round two tomorrow, another
8:46 am
makeup candidate, and new choices. thank you for participanting. "good morning america" on yahoo, later today, make your pirks and we have breakout singer marly performing here on "good morning america." heat shields are compromised. we what's that alarm?ures. fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave. good luck with everything.
8:47 am
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♪ excitement out there in times square this monday morning. and they can get a little excitement right now from breakout pop stars, akon and harly. amy had a chance to speak to them. >> so you might not know the name harley. but you know laurieann gibson, worked with sturp stars, michael jackson, lady gaga, katy perry,
8:49 am
and now launching a solo career as a music artist. harley. has a hit single, "dream warriowarrio warrior" with akon. so glad to have you. you have worked with all the greats. what can we expect from you as an artist? >> so excited. it's shaping up to be brilliant. it's a musical dance journey. and fighting for those who weak to fight for themselves. >> you're in great hands with akon. what about harley made you work with her? >> she developed it, she had it in her, and pulling out the infrastructure. >> how about we get right to it? the single, "dream warriors," take it away, guys. ♪ ♪ warriors
8:50 am
♪ on the night ♪ under the spotlight ♪ here in the highlights ♪ warriors ♪ wearriors ♪ ♪ under the spotlight we light up want night sky ♪ ♪ dance until daylight ♪ warriors ♪ warriors ♪ did a dream did a speak did a lift did a think ♪ ♪ do you dare to conquer ♪ dare to do dare to be dare to live out your dream ♪ ♪ what's your dream ♪ what's your dream ♪ what's your dream ♪ what's your dream ♪ what's my dream ♪ warrior ♪
8:51 am
>> let's go. ♪ ♪ warrior ♪ lift you up ♪ lift you up ♪ we lift you ♪ we lift you ♪ lift you up ♪ lift you up ♪ under the street lights we only do what's right ♪ ♪ bring guns to a knife fight ♪ we're warriors ♪ did a dream did a swing did a lift did a think ♪ ♪ do you dare to conquer ♪ dare to do dare to be dare to live out your dream ♪ ♪ your dream what's your dream ♪ what's your dream
8:52 am
♪ what's your dream ♪ what what's your dream ♪ what's your dream ♪ what's your dream ♪ get get get -- ♪ warriors we don't judge ♪ warriors we don't budge ♪ warrior ♪ warriors we don't judge ♪ we lift you ♪ warriors we don't budge ♪ under the moonlight ♪ we light up the night sky ♪ night sky ♪ dance until daylight ♪ warriors ♪ warriors
8:53 am
>> good morning, america. dream warriors. to the city. never give up. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] so why are we so obsessed with turbo? turbocharged rewardcard with a w volkswagen turbo. t a $1,00 because there's nothing more exhilarating than a powerful ride. and you can get that in places you might not expect. like the passat. and also in the fun-to-drive jetta. in fact, volkswagen has sold more turbos than any other brand over the last ten years. that is a lot of turbo. hurry in and you can get a $1,000 turbocharged reward card when you lease a new 2014 passat s for $219 a month.
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8:56 am
married to nicole kidman? what's next for keith urban? friday, taking own central park live. it's "good morning america"'s summer concert series. lara was admiring my belt because it's hers. yep, swooped by the dressing room. >> what's mine is yours, robin. >> and michael douglas will be here, with the movie, k"and so t goes." >> have a great day, everybody.
8:57 am
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good morning. it's going heat up once again. let's talk to mike about it. mike? >> especially if you're inland. good morning, everybody. temperatures at least ten degrees warmer than average in the east bay down to close to average in san francisco. 67. game tonight, first two games of the bay bridger isry tons east side. 65 dropping down to 59. accuweatheren seven-day forecast. drop about five to ten degrees by thursday. leyla? >> we'll take you right up to eastbound 80 at river road. glass bottles fell and now we've got broken glass for about 25 yards. this sigalert is causing a backup from 505. give yourself extra time if you
9:00 am
have to be in this area. have a great morning. see you on the midday news. announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from the new series, "#candidlynicole," nicole richie. and broadway superstar bernadette peters. plus, your comments and questions from the co-hosts -- when the co-hosts open up the "inbox." all next on "live." now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan. [cheers and applause] ♪ michael: here you go, pretty lady. kelly: thank you. hi! hi! hello.


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